Levels, achievements & badges for users

First of all, it would be amazing if there was customizable system in the theme/plugins that added experience to vendors (and maybe buyers) for their different contribution, but im not sure how much work this would be to implement.

Is it possible to do something like this on ny own, without too much work? Would it be possible to… say , let vendors earn experience based on their generated balance, and maybe based on their star rating?

Something like this should be possible, right? Obviously, the experience system, level up and stuff Will need to be created, but the plugins already gather alot of stats (like balance and star rating) that maybe could be used easily. .

Thoughts? Maybe gave you a new idea for an extention?

Thanks for your suggestion, this is actually a great idea for an extension (we avoid bloating the core plugin to keep it as lightweight & versatile as possible), we added it to the project queue. Unfortunately there’s no simple code snippet for this, but if you’re familiar with PHP you can try adding custom functions that would check users (e.g. once a day) and added badges based on custom conditions. Badges can be stored as meta values, and rendered via the HivePress template hooks.

Tks @Seegon for the great suggestion!

Hi @ihor,

I was thinking if we can add gamification to users’ levels, achievements, and badges by linking it to platform commission would be awesome, i.e. higher level users pay lower platform commission.

Please do consider to add this to the feature.


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