Limit number of Tiers to 3


I would like to limit the maximum allowed number of Tiers for a listing to 3.
Ideally, I would like it to be impossible for the vendor to even create more than 3 tiers when submitting and updating a listing, but if it’s not possible, I would still like the form to show an error if the vendor tries to submit a listing with more than 3 levels of tiers.
How can I achieve this?

Thank you very much!

Please try this PHP code snippet

	function ($errors, $form){
		if(count((array)$form->get_value('price_tiers')) > 3){
			$errors[] = 'Please set no more than three price tiers';
		return $errors;
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Than you, it works perfectly!

Another question regarding the Tiers. How can I convert the ‘price_tiers’ description fields to be a ‘textarea’ instead of a simple ‘text’ field?


Please check this topic Change price tiers' description field to textarea

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Hi, thank you for the solution.
About the Premium badge, I added my license keys yesterday and nothing happened. Is it possible the premium support is only valid for a certain period of time? Mine is older than a year.


I see. Since the license is valid for only one year, the easiest way is to purchase another product with a license if you need to renew it.

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