Limit the number of Jobs an Employer can Post

Hi , is there a way to limit with a Membership package ( using JobHive + all premium plugins here) the number of Jobs an Employer can Post in order to offer different plans allowing a different number of Jobs available for posting?

It’s more or less like Listing Hive works with Paid listings. I would like to get the same result but with Job offers.

Yes, the best way is using Paid Listings in this case, it also works with JobHive. You can create different packages to limit the number of listings globally or per category.

That sounds great! I was confused by the fact I read “Listing” in the Paid Listing’s options for limiting the number of User’s posts, but as long as it works with every kind of User’s post (listings, jobs,…) it’s great :slight_smile:
Thank you!

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