Link opening new browser tab

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Steps to reproduce

When viewing a user’s bookings and clicking the listing title link (.hp-template–bookings-view-page .hp-booking–view-block .hp-listing__details–primary a.hp-booking__listing.hp-booking__listing–publish.hp-link) it opens the listing view page in a new browser tab.
This is unusual behavior for HivePress, opening new browser tabs. Is this intended, and if so why?

Actual result

Clicking the link opens a new browser tab.

Expected result

Open listing page view in same browser tab.

Extra details

Screenshot of the link below (encircled in red).
Just note that we have changed the “Booking” header text to “Purchase”, so don’t mind that.


This is how it works by default; there is no bug here. For example, if a listing is attached to a message, it works similarly. If you need to make changes, it will require a custom implementation, namely, overwriting the template parts; you can check this doc How to override template parts - HivePress Help Center

​I hope this is helpful to you.

Thanks Andrii

I edited the template and change the target to _self.

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