Links do not have a discernible name

I get this problem in google pagespeed insights:
“Links do not have a discernible name. Link text (and alternative text for images, when used as links) that is discernible, unique and focusable improves the navigation experience for screen reader users.” This error is refering to the menu button on the mobile version. Is there a snippet that I can insert to solve this? Thanks.


Please note that this is a WP-level setting, so I recommend that you read more about it in this thread Menu Links do not have a discernible name |

Hello, thanks for the reponse. In the link you sent me there is not a specific solution. It says there that the creator of the theme should solve this problem.


I’ve only provided you with a sample example; you can look at more details on your own, perhaps on Stackoverflow, etc., as we help with HivePress-level settings.

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