Lisiting and accept offer

  1. I create an account for lisiting. how can i remove the send message button from my profile for just me cos i cant send message to my self but users who need my service can see the send mesaage button when the view my listing profile. see picture

  2. Now this is a request account and i want to accept offers but when i click on accept offer it shows no page found. see picture
    ii. how do i remove the “make an offer” button from my request page because i was the one that made the request and even when i click on it, it says i can’t submit offers for your own requests. so no need of having that button on my profile, how do i remove it?

this is what it show after clicking on accept offer in question(2)

  1. Just like when you have a new message and you have this red notification on top of your name or username. how do i enable same red notifcation when i get other notifications like when someone makes an offer to my request and others. because someone might make an offer to my request and i wont know till i check my profile>request to see it.

  2. how do i edit my checkout form to something brief before proceeding to make payments after accepting an offer


  1. Unfortunately there’s no way to remove these without code customizations, we previously removed both the Message and Offer buttons but got many complaints that vendors/users don’t understand if their request or profile is active and accepting messages/offers. When users or vendors view their pages, they view them as seen by others (e.g. when vendors view their profile pages). Even if they try to send a message or make an offer to themselves, there will be a validation error.

  2. Please make sure that WooCommerce pages are created, you can click the Create Pages button in WooCommerce/Status/Tools section. Also, please try testing this with a new request after you click the Create Pages button.

  3. There’s no such notification at the moment, but thanks - I added it to the roadmap so we’ll add it to the upcoming Requests updates.

  4. Please try this plugin to remove the unnecessary checkout fields Checkout Field Editor (Checkout Manager) for WooCommerce – WordPress plugin |

Thanks for the reply

  1. Can you please help me with the code snippets and how to put any other customization code for this feature so I can apply them to just my site only.

  2. I can’t SIGN IN via third-party platforms (social login) but I can post a request, add listings and also create a request or listing account via social login but when I log out and want to just SIGN IN without posting a request or listing it doesn’t work and even if I put the email address and password I used to create the account via third party login (gmail) it doesn’t sign in. It will just go back to the home page without signing in

  3. Does keywords and location work separately from the filter when searching for an item? Sometimes I would love to select from the filter and then put a keyword and location before I search. But once I select things I wish filter it just search immediately without location or keywords

  4. I created a sub category for each category and put them as attributes in the filter to help user search precisely for what the want but even if there’s a listing for that sub category it doesn’t come up when I search. How do I go about it


  1. Sorry, there’s no simple code snippet for this, and website-specific customizations are beyond our support scope.

  2. If you use the Social Login extension please send the steps to reproduce this issue along with temporary WP access link via email and I’ll check this, if there’s a bug we’ll fix it in any case.

  3. Yes, the top search bar has a higher priority than the sidebar filters one, it basically resets filters if you re-submit it.

  4. Please make sure that there are no caching plugins that may cause this issue. If you added sub-categories you don’t have to add attributes for this, adding sub-categories in Listings/Categories section should add sub-categories to the filters form automatically (as radio buttons).

Hope this helps.

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