List a property, process trouble

I need help with the list a property button process, since I installed the stripe plugin, the process of uploading a property has stopped working correctly.
When I click on list a property, appears the complete the profile screen, with a button to proceed to stripe, and it doesn’t go anywhere because it gives an error.
In short, I can’t list a property correctly, like I used to do, It’s like it got mixed up with the profile settings :

How could I solve it?

Unfortunately, there is no simple solution, it requires advanced customization. When the Stripe Payout is enabled, then the vendor needs to have a connected express Stripe account. So you, as admin of the website, need to create a Stripe Connect account at, where vendors will be able to create their connected accounts to get payouts. There are two places where vendors can start the process of creating such accounts on Stripe. There is a button Set up payouts on Stripe on the vendor dashboard page, or when the vendor tries to create a listing vendor will see Complete Profile step. In both cases, a vendor needs to choose the country where the vendor does the business, and this country will be set for the vendor’s Stripe-connected account. Vendors can set country in profile settings or on the Complete Profile step. If the vendor has chosen the country for the Stripe, then vendor can click Proceed to Stripe on the Complete Profile step or Set up payouts on Stripe in the vendor dashboard to start creating Stripe connected account to get payouts

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