Listed services is not forcing specific height

I noticed an issue with height of the listing block.

When you Add a portrait picture or a pic with height longer than width, it break the pattern.
Also the name and rating is overlapped

Here is a screenshot


  1. Please make sure that the uploaded image is at least 400x300, because if the image is smaller WordPress will leave it “as is” without cropping/resizing to the same aspect ratio.

  2. If possible send a link to your site and I’ll provide a CSS fix for this.

thank you for your reply.
As I will have many vendors who will post their services with different picture sizes.
What’s the best tool to control sizes of uploaded pictures?

here is the link to one of the listed services:

Please make sure that the pictures’ size is at least 400x300; then, when uploading, they’ll be cropped to correspond to the set proportions. Also, you may set up image size in the Settings>Media section. Try adjusting the Landscape size (Large) field.

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