Listing attributes not updating

I have changed the titles of some of the listing attributes (in ExpertHive) that appear under Submit-a-listing, such as the title, but they still appear on page as the originals (e.g Hourly Rate, Availability). What can be done to make the edits stick?
Also, I am unable to find the Experience attribute under Listings/Attributes so I can edit that as well. Can you please assist me with these?


  1. Please disable third-party plugins and customizations (if there are any). If you use a caching plugin, make sure that caching is disabled for logged-in users, and refresh the permalink structure in Settings/Permalinks (choose any structure with %postname% if the default one is selected).

  2. If the listing attribute is not built-in, then it can be changed in Listings > Attributes.
    If it is built in, then only through custom snippets or using Loco Translate: How to change any static text - HivePress Help Center

Hope it helps.

Thank you very much, it worked.

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