Listing attributes option order

Hello HivePress team,

Is there a snippet to show listing attributes options in order I set rather than in alphabetical order?

In this example I created a Listing attribute “Test Attribute” with field type “Checkboxes”. I set 6 options in this order. 1 William, 2 David, 3 James, 4 Michael, 5 Adam, 6 Robert.

As you can see in filter form and listing edit form the order is exactly as I set it.
Screenshot 2023-06-12 133823

But, on page secondary it is shown in alphabetical order instead of order I set in the back end.
Screenshot 2023-06-12 134236

Also, in the back end it is shown in alphabetical order.

Is there a way to have it exactly as the order numbers were set?

Thank you.


Unfortunately, this is not yet possible; all options in this version will be alphabetized.

Hi Andrii,

Does this mean that it will be possible in some other version in the foreseeable future?

Thank you.


Unfortunately, we can’t tell you exactly, but we will consider implementing this feature.

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