Listing Category header

i tried making the image in each category icon display on the header of each category. it worked but the images displayed in each category header is small and does not cover the whole header. View the picture to see code i used to change the listing category for each header

and see how it displayed at the category header for different categories

i want it to cover the entire header. i hope ypu under what i mean. these is how the category icons are but i want it to appear big on the category header

i used this CSS code too

.header-hero.hp-listing-category.hp-listing-category {
	  background-image: url("https://mydomain/wp-content/uploads/2022/09/adam-winger-3nBzt3Jdeh4-unsplash-2-scaled.jpg");
    background-position: left -4px bottom -24px, right -85px top 32px;

but it showed in all the category header. how do i make it just one picture for a each category? Thanks :pray:


Sorry for the inconvenience, ExpertHive has no full-size background design option for listing categories, this design is set in the theme files so this requires specific customizations. Our support scope includes fixing bugs in the existing features and settings (e.g. if the responsive layout is broken, or the message form doesn’t work, images are uploaded incorrectly, etc.) and guidance about the theme features (e.g. if you can’t find the related settings or workaround). Re-designing the theme beyond the available options requires specific code changes and probably overriding the theme parts via a child theme.

For example, the design you described is used in our other themes like ListingHive and JobHive, but ExpertHive has a different one - this depends on the theme.

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