Listing description not visible

I just realized that the description and the share buttons of some of the listings on my website are no more visible.

Steps to reproduce

I’m not able to reproduce this error. I made a new listing and the description is visible.
If I try to edit those listings with no text I find the text of the description even if it doesn’t appear on the listing page.
Some other listings show description correcltly. I can’t figure out what the problem is.

Actual result

Many listings don’t show the description, only the images

Expected result

The listing description text should be visible on every listing.

Extra details

This, instead, is a listing showing description and share buttons correctly:

I found that the problem was due to a new plugin I installed: EU Cookie Law by Alex Moss, Marco Milesi.

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Thanks for posting the solution! It’s strange that it hides some content parts, I thought this plugin just shows the GDPR and cookie notices.

I agree, in fact, it took me some hours before I realized. I was sure that up to two days before all the contents were there, because i also shared some listings through socials.
But after deactivating it all the contents came back. So I simply changed the GDPR plugin.

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