Listing image uploads permitted beyond limit

I set the maximum number of listing image uploads to 30 using this code

I tested uploading 29 images. Then I attempt to upload 3 more images at the same time.

The error correctly appears that only 30 images are allowed, but then the 3 images all display and I can continue with the listing. Meaning I can actually upload 31 or 32 images (more than the maximum limit).

I have performed the same test on the demo site ( I uploaded 9 images, then tried to upload a few more images at the same time and even though I see the error it still uploaded 11 images and let me submit the listing.

It seems like the browser is uploading images asynchronously and permitting a loophole of uploading more images than the set limit. Ihor seemed to imply this issue in this post (Nov, 2022) and this post (Apr, 2023).

Any suggestions for fixing this?

I don’t think many users will try to abuse this loophole, but with no progress bar on image uploads, the user might think they need to upload the image again.


This is only possible due to parallel loading, thank you for your feedback, we will try to fix it in the next updates.

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