Listing images not equal

hey hivepress team,

what could be the reason for images not being same sizes?
how can i fix it? see screenshot for referral?


You can try to customize images in Settings > Media , for example, landscape (small) / landscape (large) for Listings . If you enable Crop thumbnail to exact dimensions (normally thumbnails are proportional) , then the images should be cropped.

Settings of what exactly? Page? Theme? If youcan direct me to the correct one, would greatly appreciate it


Sorry for the confusion.

Please check this doc How to customize the image sizes - HivePress Help Center

apparently its already enabled


Please provide more details on whether your issue was resolved. If not, please try uploading a different image and see if the problem still appears.

It didnt fix it ill try a new photo, i there a css snippet possibly to lock images frames in place and not let them get proportional?
Cause the setting you mentioned was already checked, or maybe a change in settings rather then css snippet?


The image you uploaded was smaller than the Landscape (Small) size in Settings > Media; this is a WP-level feature; the image stays the same if it is smaller than the size specified there and is not cropped or resized.

I see, is there a reason to lock the size of the picture or prohibit a certain image size?

WordPress requires to declare any registered image sizes, e.g. the default size for listing images is 400x300px, you can adjust this in settings and re-upload or re-generate images (there’s a plugin for automatic re-generation). If the uploaded image is smaller than the declared size, WordPress will leave it “as is” without cropping and resizing so it may have different proportions than other images.

My bad ihor, i was meant to write a way to fix the issue. Is there any css options to fix that to lock the frame size?

Unfortunately there’s no CSS fix for this, but nowadays all the photos are bigger than 400x300px for sure so they should be cropped to the same size when uploaded. You can also add a notice about this for vendors to ask them to upload at least 400x300px images.

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