Listing slug end on seller name

Hi, I just noticed recently that the slugs of my listings finish by the identifier of the seller account and not with the title of the listing… how can i resolve it?

Thank you

Please describe the steps to reproduce this issue, were there any recent customizations or plugin updates, etc.

Hi Ihor, I can’t tell you what caused this problem… yes there have been updates on almost all my plugins. It’s hard to tell you which could have caused this… Rankmath maybe?!

In any case it is fairly recent (1 month I think)

Yes, this may be Rank Math or a custom code snippet. Please make sure that there are no customizations that may cause this issue, and that Rank Math is not set to generate slugs based on excerpts rather than titles, because the listing excerpts contain searchable terms (e.g. vendor name, category label). You can also try adding a new listing on the demo site to check if there’s the same issue, it always has the latest HivePress & extension versions

hi, i can’t find anything on rank math to set slugs, do you know where to find this setting?

After that it’s a plugin I’ve had for a long time so I don’t think it’s responsible for the problem, but I prefer to check.

If anyone has had this problem before, I’d love to know the cause.


Sorry, I can’t say for sure - I recommend checking Rank Math docs. If there were no customizations or changes in other plugin settings, you can try disabling third-party plugins and re-save the listing or try adding a new one, to check if it’s a HivePress issue or a conflict with a plugin.

I were contact rank math this week. I tell us if the problem comes from them.

If you’re sure that this issue is not caused by customizations and third-party plugins, please send temporary WP access with the steps to reproduce it to and I’ll check it.

sorry the translation is wrong. I will send a ticket to rank math support this week to find out if the problem is with them.

I will keep you informed and if necessary I will send you an admin access to check this.

Afterwards, maybe you can tell me quickly if you think the problem comes from hivepress.

I leave you a screenshot to see the problem on google.

Where it says “X not ok” is where the slug displays the seller and not the listing title

If you mean the highlighted path this is not the actual URL path, but breadcrumbs probably added to the Schema by Rank Math. They recognize the vendor profile as a “parent” post of a listing (since HivePress sets vendor IDs in post_parent field for listings, to keep the one-to-many relationship between vendors and their listings) and use the vendor profile name in breadcrumbs, please ask their support if there’s a way to switch to showing a category there instead.

Hi @ihor , indeed the problem came from the fact that I had activated the breadcrumb in the parameters of Rank Math.

Thank you very much for your help.

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