Listing Tags Block Not Working

Hi there,

No topic for this Issue or I made a bad search :confused:

Basiquely, we have listing tags on hero homepage :

Capture d’écran 2022-10-24 à 22.05.11

  • I Deleted them all to create new ones

  • They all disapears

  • I create new ones

  • They are not displayed under h1 home page title

  • I check if the listing block is set on the page > it is

There is how the block is displayed in my case :

There is the front-end result :

Did I miss anything ?

Thank you !

Please make sure that tags assign to some listings otherwise tags that are not assigned to any listing are deleted automatically every hour

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Thank you yevhen it coming from here.

There is no “solution” button do you know why ?

Thanks - the topic was in Bug Reports, I moved it to General so the solution is indicated now.

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