Listing template styling issues

Dear hivepress team,

I am trying to customize the listing template according to your documentation, but i am running into three issues (see attached screenshot):

  1. Somehow spacing is applied between the first blocs (does this have something to do with the left collum?)
  2. I’ve added the related listings bloc but it seems the heading is not loading (i am using loco translate > could this be the issue?)
  3. The related listing items appear with an extra attribute (i am not sure why?)

I hope anyeone has any idea how i can resolve these issues. Thanks in advance!


  1. Please provide more details. Did you overwrite the template in HivePress > Templates, or did you customize it with code? Also, please send a link to your website, we will check it in more detail.

  2. If it is a custom template from a related listing, then you need to add titles there manually.

  3. Sorry, but unfortunately this is still a beta version of this feature, so we recommend making changes with CSS tweaks if they are minor changes.

Hi Andrii,

Thank you for replying. I overwrote the template without customizing it with code. I don’t have a link to the page since i did not keep the page online.


I see. But as I said, the templates feature is still in beta, so some templates cannot be reproduced in complete form. As for CSS customizations, if you have styling rather than custom content, the best option is to return the default template and use CSS tweaks or third-party plugins such as Yellow Pencil.

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