Listing token not working as before

I used the %listing.access_instructions% on my confirmation emails in order to send the access instructions when the booking is confirmed. And in the listing pages, I set the format to “%icon% %label% : Available when the booking is confirmed”
But since the last update I think, this token is sending the format value (Available when the booking is confirmed) and not the value set.

How to resolve?
Thank you

Yes, if you changed the display format then tokens will be replacing using this format, currently there’s no other option but we plan to add multiple display formats (one per display area).

Thank you @ihor, in that case is there a custom snippet to add a custom field into the listing page without being an attribute?

Yes, but this requires custom code snippets for a few HivePress hooks. Please describe the required changes, maybe there’s a more simple solution.

I just want to add this fixed text on all listing pages (primary page): “Access Instructions : available when the booking is confirmed”

Please refer to this topic for further updates - How to add disclaimer at the bottom of each listing

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