Listing wont show up in the category page

I emptied all listings to start from scratch. I hve now created all my categories and one listing. the front page catgory list shows that category having one listing, but when I click on the category, it is empty. If I go to the expert page I see the vendor, and can see the listing there as an option. I can click on the listing from the vendor page and see th elisting fine. but in the actual category page even thoguh it says “1 listing” the actual page is blank.

Steps to reproduce

go to the home page, click on construction category. notice th econstruction page has one listing but it is blank.

Actual result

The construction page is empty

Expected result

The construction page hould display a listing

Extra details

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Please disable third-party plugins and customizations (if there are any) and check if this issue persists. If you use a caching plugin, make sure that caching is disabled for logged-in users. Also, please try re-saving this listing and any category.

Hi, this is a brand new WP install, there are no users, just myself. Also there are no plugins at all other than what came with hivepress. While trouble shooting I saw that if I add the listing to another category, it displays there, but still does not show up in the category it’s supposed to be listed under. Both categories “automotive” and “construction” now show one listing for plumbing but it is only visible in the automotive category.

One thing to note is that after installing the demo, I removed all existing content (listings, categories, reviews, vendors). Then I created my own 20 categories, but only about 9 of them were displayed. I went through the community forums for help and found others who had this issue resolved it by turning on the setting “Display subcategories instead of listings”. I did this for the catgories that didn’t show up and that seemed to have them show up. However that also means some have that option checked and others don’t. The current issue I am facing, I can see that the listing displays under a category that does not have that feature turned on, and does not show up for the category that does have it turned on.

Hi! Just a question: Can you check that listing in your database? Maybe it still exists somehow, it’s still in draft or pending status. If you find it in your database, just delete it and try to post again. I had a similar problem when I tested the payment system. If you fill in all the fields, and then go to buy a package, but you exit before you finish the transaction, your listing will be registered in the database, but not showing up on the front-end.

Hi @Fabricator , thanks for your help! This listing is actually in published state, so it does exist in the database. Are you saying I should delete it and repost? I don’t have a problem doing that, but I’m concerned about categories and listings not being displayed as they should. I am currently working with just one listing, I can imagine how much work would be involved with multiple listings if I have to delete and repost to fix items.

I’m wondering if I set something up wrong since this seems to be related to an original issue of categories not displaying.

to clarify the issue:

  • I created 20 categories.
  • only half of them were being displayed.
  • I fixed the ones not being displayed by editing them and clicking on “Display subcategories instead of listings”
  • Now half of my categories have this checked and the other half don’t
  • I added one listing and put it in two categories
  • it is visible on the category with “Display subcategories instead of listings” unchecked.
  • it is not visible on the category with “Display subcategories instead of listings” checked.

Because of this, I think the issue starts at the category level. Why do I have to select “Display subcategories instead of listings” only on some categories for them to display on the front end? I’m lost on why some categories display and others don’t, and if I fix it by selecting “Display subcategories instead of listings”, then I’m lost why some categories need it and others don’t. they are all just parent level categories.

Sorry, I just trying to help you. Let’s start from the beginning. For example: you make a category (A) then, you make two categories (B and C), and you marked A as the parent of B and C. You can’t post a listing into A, because that have two children, if you want to show the sub-categories (B and C) for your users when they click on A, check that box in the category A, “show sub categories instead of listings”. If you don’t select that, because category A have not listings (you can’t post listing into a parent category), you can’t see anything when click on A. Now test, and post a listing into B and C categories. If you make a category D, what have not child category, just create some attributes for D, and don’t check “show sub categories…” Possible error: you have created a category, and then, you posted a listing into that. After that, you created child categorie(s) for that category, and because your category became a parent, you don’t see that listing anymore.

Thank you @Fabricator, I appreciate your help. However, the problem is I don’t have any children at all.

To keep it simple, I’ll go step by step on what I did. I deleted all categories that were in the demo install. I then created two new categories, “Automotive” and “Construction”. Both are parents. Seperate categories not related in any way. Neither are children.

I then went to the home page and only saw Automotive displaying. I went to the category page and still only saw Automotive.However, I do see Construction in the search dropdown so I know it is published correctly. While troubleshooting why Construction isnt visible, I learned that it becomes visible only if I go into edit the construction category and select “show sub categories instead of listings". I don’t know why this works but it does. so I left it that way.

Now that both categories are visible, I add my first listing “plumbing” to the Construction category. Remember this is the one that has “show sub categories instead of listings” selected. Now my plumbing listing does not show in Construction. I do see “1” in the construction page, so it shows there is one listing, but no listing is visible.

So my nextt step in torubleshooting was to also add my listing “plumbing” to Automotive. So now it is in both Categories. when I go to the front page I see both Automotive and Construction have a “1” each. but when I click construction it is empty, if I go to automotive, I see the plumbing listing there.

This is a brand new WP install, and brand new Hivepress install, no other plugins or users exist. I have no idea why it’s not working as it should be. again thannk you for your help, I hope I am explaining this in a way that helps clear up the issue.

Hi! This can be happened if: You have not luck, and encountered a bug, or, that construction category is duplicated as a parent with 1 listing, and as a child with no listing. Try to delete the construction category, and re-create, and make more categories to check, this is bug, or just an error.

P.s. I see you have 8 parent categories, and maybe 12 what I don’t see. Check this: Go to the front-end, admin top-bar, edit page. Click on the category block, and you will see on the right side that block’s settings. Here you can set how many elements will be displayed (I think you’ll see a number eight) set that number to higher.

Thank you @Fabricator , it looks like it was a bug. I uninstalled wordpress and started with a new install, everything seems to be working as expected now. Thanks again!