ListingHive: Claim a Vendor Profile

I have a csv of about 500 approved businesses and I uploaded them as listings and i’m going to get the actual owners to claim them. However, during initial testing, they’re getting confused as to why they create a user profile that would become a business vendor profile if their business is already there even though it’s as a listing. Especially since they will need to now delete the listing and add actual products/services. We were trying to incentive them by doing some of the work but ideally, they would claim a vendor profile rather than a listing.

So is there any way to implement that? I know the intention for this theme is to focus on listings and vendors are secondary but I don’t mind doing some code customization to make it work.


If you use listings as businesses please consider hiding vendors on the front-end (in HivePress/Settings/Vendors section), then business owners will basically register as users, and they’ll be able to claim & manage their listings (businesses). Unfortunately there’s no Claim Listing functionality for vendor profiles at the moment. So if you pre-import or add listings manually, then business owners can register with basic details like username, email & password and pay to claim their listing (claimed listings get the “verified” badge automatically).
Hope this helps.


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