Listings according to location

How can I show listings around the same area of visitor or according to his geolocation data. i.e. If I choose my city as 'A ’ n after that all nearby listings of area ‘A’ will be shown on priority because visitors does not get stick to site if listings are not from his area. Only spammers come to spam site…

How can I ask visitors to ’ share their location data ’ without clicking on ‘arrow’ . if they select yes location will auto. placed before location arrow or they can manually change it also.

Unfortunately there’s no such feature in the current version, there’s no automatic location detection because this requires a consent in any case, currently users can search listings by location if they enter it or click the Locate Me button, but listings are not filtered without an explicit search action.

Sir thanks for reply.
When user see first page or website he should be asked for permission n if he click on yes then can the ads or listings around his location shall be shown on priority . Is is possible because it’s very much required feature

Yes, I’ve seen this feature on a few websites when the location is asked on the website visit, but unfortunately it’s not available in Geolocation yet, users have to search by location and give consent to share their location on Locate Me click.

It’s core of classified ads or listings because how person can be interested to see ads from 1000 kms distance .why should I use such website , if my location is also detected or allowed by me then still if I see ads which are 1000 km from me . How such site can create any engagement with user.

Major classifieds like Craigslist, Gumtree, OLX don’t restrict listing visibility based on your location when you visit them, you have to enter the location or click Locate Me. There may be different reasons for this, someone may be in New York today but looking for services or items in Los Angeles because they plan to be there next week, or if the user has VPN then pre-filling the location would be incorrect and irritate them.

In any case, we’ll consider adding this as an optional feature enabled via settings.

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