Listings are pending, but moderation is off

Hi, I’m having an issue with listings going to pending even though moderation is turned off.

First, moderation is turned off: hivepress>settings>listings>manually approve new listings (unchecked). I think that the only place to have moderation turned on/off. Correct me if I’m wrong.

For all new listings, everything works fine. The user can publish a listing automatically to published status, if they want to hide it, it goes to draft/hidden status.

However, for listings that were brought in (I have about 70 of them) from my old system. I did a csv import of them into hivepress. These listings require moderation. ???!!!

While I don’t care or need to use the “verified” status for listings or vendor, every vendor is verified, and has at least one verified listing - this was imported with csv.

On the existing listings that were imported. If a vendor hides it or updates it, I can’t tell which action they took, because they all go to pending. That means, every time a listing is updated, I need to email them to ask which option they wanted.

For a workaround - I don’t need any pending status on this site, so if there is a way to disable it completely, that would be ok. I do need hide/draft and publish status.

Thanks for your insight in solving this issue.


This is only possible if general moderation is enabled for all listings or if one of the listing attributes has the moderation feature enabled.

Please go to HivePress > Settings > Listings > Moderation to check if the general feature is enabled.

As for the enabled attribute feature, you need to go to Listings > Attributes and check each attribute.

Ah, thanks! I thought I’d turned off all the listing attributes/moderation but had missed one. Thank you,

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