Listings in slider


I’m using the Experthive Theme and wanted to show the listings on the main page in slider. Unfortunately i only see the option to show the vendor block in slider…

Is there a way to show the listings block as a slider too?

Please select the listings block and enable the Slider option in the block settings on the right

Unfortunately i only have this option for vendor block. Maybe my Experthive version is not the newest?

Current version: 1.01

But never recieved any updates for it so i don’t know

Sorry for the confusion - ExpertHive doesn’t have the slider option for the Listings block in the current version because listings have the horizontal layout. We’ll try to add more layout/styling options with every update though.

Ok yeah this would be nice for future updates of this theme but could make it work with gabetus solution for now if anyone else is interested! :slight_smile:

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