Listings keep expiring even though I set it to not expire

I have had this issue for quite a while, but it takes 30 days for me to see whether or not the listings are going to expire. Basically I have left the expire date for each of my packages blank so there is no expiration, but every month, all of the listings on the website reset and go into draft mode…

This is getting to be very annoying and tedious to go through every single listing and republish them manually.

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While the solution is found, you could set it to expire in 36,600 days. (100 years)

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unbelievable, so there is no way to disable expiration period??
so poor…
also how about storaeg period??, listing auto deleted in 30 days???

Please make sure that there’s no default expiration set in HivePress/Settings/Listings, then newly added listings will not expire. Also, if packages had the expiration period previously and some listings were added via these packages, then listings will have an expiration period even if you change the package settings, because listings inherit the package settings at the time of submission (this way if you decide to change the package settings later for new users, this will not affect existing users). So if some listings were added via packages with the expiration period, you have to edit them and clear the Expiration Date field for each listing, saving changes.

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