Listings Not Taking Attributes


I have 4 different listing categories. When you go to create a listing for two of them, all of the attributes are shown (ie Price, Extras, Tiers, etc…). The other 2 don’t have them shown, not even the price. I’ve deleted and re-added all of the categories but have had no success. Any idea why? I’ve attached images below. One image shows the listing page for the 2 categories with a bunch of the attributes, as it should, and the other is for the 2 categories that don’t.

There seems to be a problem with attributes added by the HivePress Marketplace extension. If you want to display these attributes for all listing categories then please make sure that the Categories setting is empty in the HivePress/Settings/Listings/Selling section

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Clearing the categories section seemed to fix the issue. Thank you!

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