Load Images from WP Media Directory

I am aware this feature has previously been requested, but I would like to upvote the request, particularly because WP Media supports .webp format images and Hivepress does not.

Thanks, we’ll consider adding it for listings added via the back-end. In the current version you can try some image optimization plugin (e.g. LiteSpeed) that converts images to WEBP and replaces the original ones on display (this way users or admins don’t have to pre-convert images before uploading them).

Thank you for your prompt reply. As a further explanation - I am unable to upload into Hivepress images that are already in WEBP format. My customer has supplied hundreds of WEBP format images which I can’t upload without converting them to jpeg or similar.

If you want to upload these WebP images to the listing, then please try this PHP snippet

	function( $model ) {
		$formats =  ['webp'];
		$model['fields']['images']['formats'] = array_merge($model['fields']['images']['formats'], $formats);
		return $model;
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That worked very well thank you.

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