Location on the list of offers to be only the name of the city

Is it possible for a location on the list of offers to be only the name of the city?

Unfortunately there’s no such option yet, but we plan to add the Location Format option to the next Geolocation update, to allow defining the location format for directories specific to a single country or a state.

I have a question related to this. On one of my sites using JobHive, it shows just the City but on my other site using ExpertHive, it shows both City, County and Country.

I would like my site using ExpertHive to also only display the City.

I’m using Google Maps API on both sites, and set the settings similar so it must be some difference in those themes on how they display it?

The only difference i can tell from the settings is that on ExpertHive in the Geolocation settings under “Countries”, all countries are by codes (like US, SE, PL etc) but on JobHive where it is how i like it, it says the real name (like Sverige, England, Polen etc)

Please make sure that the map provider and other settings are the same, in the current version HivePress just saves the location text returned by the map provider. There may be a difference in settings, e.g. if you check the “Hide the exact address” option then the streen name and building number may be removed.

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