Location search doesnt work for countries

When I am using the ‘Listing search field’ and search for Frankfurt (example), the listings come up. But if I search for Germany, the listings from Frankfurt dont show up.

What I did already:

I tried Map Box and Google Maps, both dont for this problem.
I created an API Key and Secret key for Google Maps, doesnt change.
I enabled the regions, and Germany is the parent region for Frankfurt, but it doenst show up in the search.

Please give me some new ideas or solutions, thank you :slight_smile:

Sorry for the delay. Please make sure that you enabled Regions in HivePress/Settings/Geolocation, you also have to set a separate secret key (without HTTP restrictions) and then add or change the location for the existing listings to generate regions.

Hello, yes that exactly what I did and said in my message. Any other ideas why it doesn’t work?

Maybe there is a problem with my secret key in Google Maps. I switched back to Mapbox, there it works.

And we really like the ‘radius’ feature but it disapears when regions are enabled. Is it not possible to have both? will it be possible in the near future?


Most likely, you have incorrectly configured Google Maps, since everything works locally, I recommend that you read the documentation in more detail How to get a Google Maps API key - HivePress Help Center
Yes, if you enabled regions and search by region instead of exact address (e.g. building, street or district) then the radius-based search is not used, there’s no way to prevent this. For neighboring cities the possible solution is searching any address within one of the cities and increasing the search radius, you can also disable regions but this may cause issues if the city area is not circle-like (with regions the country/state/city shape doesn’t matter).

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