Location search not showing listing

Team, When I search listing by location, nothing shows up!

Please send more details about this issue, e.g. exact steps to reproduce, the current setup (Mapbox or Google Maps), a link to your site, or a screenshot.

My geo location is not working either, and it is a bit frustrating. It was working before but now I am not sure what’s going on. The Keyword part of it is working but the location is not. My website is https://haironlyhere.com. I need to be able to fix this ASAP. I would be happy if you have a solution for me. Thanks.

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The same thing happens to me…

Seems like a new update introduced a bug?

If setting Generate regions from locations in HivePress/Settings/Geolocation is enabled then please make sure that regions are generated for this location (if you add a new listing or change location for the existing one), then search by regions (country, state, county, city) should work fine.

There’s a JS error that blocks loading Google Maps correctly, please try disabling third-party plugins and check if this issue persists.

@Toodev1 Search by states, countries and other regions works only when Regions are enabled, please make sure that they are enabled and generated (regions are generated automatically in Listings/Regions if you add new or re-save a listing).

The exact address search should work by default, if it doesn’t please share a link to your site. I’ll also re-test Geolocation today and release a quick fix if there’s a bug.

i have the same issue, when i search by location nothing found!! even i have lot of listings in the location

Please provide more details and I’ll check this issue, e.g. a link to your site and the location I should test.

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Hello, I´m having the same problem. It was working before with specifics citys, it wasn’t working with provinces. Now it isn’t working whith any search.
My website is https://lavidaconperrosygatos.com/

Thanks for the details, we’ll release a quick fix for this today. Please also send any extra details that may help to detect this issue, e.g. if you have any caching/optimization plugins installed.

Hello! Thank you so much. I don’t thik I have any caching/optimization plugins installed.
Plugins: Akismet Anti-Spam, Duplicate Page, Envato Market, Sassy Social Share, Loco traslate, One click demo import, Woocommerce, and I bought Hivepress Social Links and Waderlust MercadoPago. And most of HivePress extentions.

If it helps, the firt time you do a search, the google maps doesn’t seem to work, like this:

And it shows all the results of any location. The second time you try the serch, it works and shows the list of places you can choose. And that’s when it shows no results.

Thanks for the detailed feedback, we detected this issue and will release a fix within a few hours.

Hello now it is working, Thanks

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Thank you Ihor! The update helped - its working now!

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