Location search not working with Mapbox

Hi, I have spent the last hour searching for answers on your community forum… so I tried… I can’t seem to get MapBox (or Google Maps) working on my site. I am using the sample data from your install and have added one location of my own for testing. All the sample data is from US, NY, and my test listing if from Stratford, PE, Canada. The site is here: https://strngo.paladin-bs.com
When I click on the location finder it suggests 20 Keppoch road, Charlottetown, but my address is 31 Marjorie Crescent, Stratford, PE. (2 streets away). That is one issue.

Then when I type in the address of “Stratford, Prince Edward Island” and search. I get all of the listings returned. My listing sometimes comes up first, but often it is 3rd or 4th on the list. I would expect it only to come up.
Then, when I click on “Show Map” nothing happens.

I must have something really messed up here. Guidance appreciated.


After you switched the map provider and set the API key, please re-save a location for some listing and try testing search for this listing. It should be ok, but unfortunately we can’t guarantee the quality of geolocation data supplied by Mapbox, we just fetch it via their API and save latitude, longitude and location label for a listing. It’s similar with the Locate Me button - we fetch the location shared by the browser (it asks users for consent, and then shares the location - it’s precision depends on the browser, device, etc - e.g. mobile devices may share more precise location since they have GPS).

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