Locked attributes in vendor sign up and listings

I have a couple of issues editing listing atributes and text

  1. Navigate to the HivePress > Settings > Listings section and enable Discounts.

I enabled the discount to be able to take a look at it; however, the option is no longer there to be able to remove this discount option.

also, for example one of the attributes is price, I am unable to make this into the price range id like so I was wondering if there is a way to change this text to price per day? I have been unable to find listings in loco translate to be able to adjust this text. I also had this problem for vendors I also noticed these sections cant be adjusted in attributes yet they are needed to fill the form, is there a way to makes these optional?


  1. This option appears only if “Allow buyers to select quantity” option is enabled. Please enable it to disable Discounts, and disable it again.

  2. If possible send more details, do you mean changing the Price label in one specific place?

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