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Hello! My website’s login is not functioning. I can only access my site from the google login option or from my hosting’s backend. The normal username and password option is not working, I have the correct username and password but it will not login. There is no failed login message, it just will not login. There is a post from December 2022 of this exact issue.

I have already tried disabling all customizations and third party plugins and disabling cache for logged in users. Please help!


Sorry for the delay.

Please send us the credentials to our mail (support@hivepress.io) so we can further test them.



We created a new user and logged in to the site without problems. Please try creating a new user and logging in. Most likely, this is a cache problem in your browser; please try logging in with another browser or clear the cache.

Did you sign in via Google social login ??


No, we created an account and logged in with an email and password (as you described in the first post).

Perfect, thank y’all for checking this out. I’ve got the logged in users cache disabled in Wordpress, so I’ll reach out to my hosting provider to see if there’s something else to do. Thank you for checking this out!

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