Login form redirects back to the same page

So I have searched through the community forum. I have disabled the WP-Optimized and disabled the cache for logged-in users. I have spoke to my hosting service provider to see if they have disabled the server-side caching.

I have tried everything.

I contacted support and we communicated but haven’t received any follow-ups in the email in past couple of days. I understand that there is a time difference and I am in USA. I am trying to resolve this issue. Your help would be appreciated.

I have Rentalhive. I loved it. It’s a fantastic website and I have customized it nicely. www.904indians.com

But i really need to resolve this issue.

Can anyone help?

The issue is:

My users are not able to log in into their accounts. They can create new accounts but once logged out, they are unable to log back in. It shows only the login page.

I don’t have social login feature.

What to do? Thank you for your help. Hivepress is literally the best out there!


I’m sorry for the delay, this ticket was re-assigned because it required more testing and detecting the reason but I’ll reply via email within an hour.

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