Login link instead of pop up modal

Hi, i need a small help, please.
When we click to log in it opens the modal.
I have no knowledge of coding and this is the missing part to launch the site.
Can you share a code snippet to direct it to the my account page instead of the pop up?

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Hi bro, there’s not a short code for this but it is really simple to change.

  1. Go to this direction in your files
  2. Edit “user-login-link.php” file
  3. Change “#user_login_modal” for “yourdomain com/account”

Thanks for sharing! Although please avoid editing any theme or plugin files directly, these changes will be reset on update. It’s possible to override this template part by copying it to the child theme folder.

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Awesome, it worked.
Thank you, @brandvz and @ihor.


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