Looking for the best solution for vendors with multiple locations


On my site, we have some vendors that offer their services only in specific cities.
But we also have vendors that either are able to travel within the whole country, or that offer their services online etc.

I previously made a Feature Request regarding some kind of solution to this: https://community.hivepress.io/t/add-option-to-make-listings-available-for-any-location-search/

However, since i dont know if this is ever going to be implemented or when - and this is an issue right now for us. What is the best solution any of you guys would use for this case?

Since we dont use specific adresses for the vendors & listings, just citys… maybe instead of using the Geolocation-plugin i should setup some kind of solution with attributes instead?

Since i think there may be more people who have the same usecase, i wanted to ask if anyone has found out a good solution for this.

Yes, unfortunately there’s no simple code snippet that may resolve this, this would require a custom implementation. If it’s urgent then adding locations manually using a custom Select attribute may be a workaround (e.g. if adding a list of cities is enough), but please note that geolocation features like map and radius search will not be available.

Hello!! On my website, I propose to sellers that when they go on vacation and want to continue offering their services, they can change the zip code directly when editing the listing. Advertise it as an advantage to your users.

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Thanks for your reply Ihor! I dont need the map or radius-feature, so i could use the Select-attribute.

However, im struggling to figure out the following:
Vendor 1 offers their services in City A
Vendor 2 offers their services in City B
Vendor 3 offers their services in City A & all other cities

I guess if i use multiple select and select all the cities on that vendor, it will show a huge list when i want to display the “main” city they are in, so thats not an option either.

The best solution would probably be if its possible to create a hidden attribute that i manually check in the admin-backend for vendors that offer their services in any location, and if there is or could be a code snippet that checks on all searches if that hidden attribute is positive, and then includes those listings no matter what location is inputted in the search. That way i can still use the geolocation-plugin, use a map and radius if i want in the future and the problem will still be solved.

Actually it doesnt even have to be a hidden attribute, i can let the vendors use that checkbox when they create their profile if they offer their services in serveral cities - as long as its possible to get a code snippet that includes those listings that have this attributes checked no matter what location is filled in the search.

I hope you can understand my question, im not the best at explaining!



Yes, with a custom Select attributes some customizations may also be required, because if users search a specific city then only vendors who selected this city will be returned, so I guess the issue persists. If this is the only requirement and other customizations are not required, we can try to estimate this customization, if it’s ok please submit the requirements here https://forms.gle/WiuuBzncaTwiB3qx5

Great, i have submitted it on the link provided by you!

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