Make 2 column listing on the front page

Hi! I had tried this CSS snippet to set 2 columns (mobile) on all the listing but it only works on my listing page, not in my homepage. Can you help me to set it 2 column of listing in my homepage too?

.hp-template--listings-view-page .hp-listings .hp-grid__item {flex-basis:50%; max-width:50%}

Please try this CSS snippet:

.home .hp-listings .hp-grid__item {flex-basis:50%; max-width:50%}


LOVELY! But I only want it to be 2 columns in mobile view while keep it 4 columns for desktop view… can you help me?

You can try this snippet instead:

@media only screen and (max-width: 48em) {
    .home .hp-listings .hp-grid__item {flex-basis:50%; max-width:50%}

Thank you! :smile:

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