Make order numbers and bookings more intuitive

Continuing the discussion from Vendor bookings page show to regular user (buyer):

Can you update this and divide it in separate pages? Cause the way its now is confusing for the users that are vendors and also booked as a customer.

I updated the title, let me know if I understand the feature request correctly - do you mean merging the payment receipt with the booking page and hiding the Orders page completely?

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No, what I meant was, the order page has 2 different sections, one for received orders and one for placed orders. Then, there is the booking page that includes received and placed bookings. This is extremely confusing for a users that are vendors and also booked as a customer.

Is it possible to update this and divide this into 2 separate pages (one for received bookings and one for placed bookings), just like the orders section?

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Thanks for the details, yes - separating bookings would probably improve the UX, we’ll consider making this change so it would match the order pages.


Not to hijack your thread, but I’ve noticed something weird in the order structure aswell:

The account page - order has different name based on the users available orders.

  • If the buyer has a an active order:

Menu name A (my purchases)

  • If the Vendor has an active order

Menu name B (my sales)

  • If the vendor has both been selling and buying

Menu name C (my purchases)

Menu Name D (my sales)

So instead of recycling the name of Menu name A and B, a new naming event happens, even though it points to the same content as previously.
Its not a huge deal, as I managed to rename these menues to appear similar in Loco translate.

Also, the formating is different between the receiver orders (hivepress page) and placed orders (WooCommerce page). The later being mobile responsive, putting everything in a table, and the former not.

And one last suggestion is to also display the buyer/seller name and listing name, making it easier to read and know whats what.

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Thanks for the feedback. Yes, if there are no received orders then the orders menu item is just “Orders”, and there are 2 different labels if the current user is a vendor who both placed and received orders. We’ll try to simplify this along with bookings.

HivePress implements its own orders page for received orders since WooCommerce has no multi-vendor features by default, it just has the orders page for buyers but we tried to keep the same design.

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