Make Price hidden and calculated for Request

I know I can hide the Price field on Request and show another field (such as Hours). What I can’t figure out is when hiding the Price field, I would think there’s a hook or action I can use to set the value of the total price upon new submission of a Request.

Short of that, I’m thinking of leaving it visible from a hivepress perspective, and adding Javascript to do the calculation and mark the form field as hidden. Seems a bit hacky though, and would think there’s an elegant way to do this?

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Please send more details about the issue, do you mean hiding the Budget field in the request form and setting it’s value based on some calculations via JS?

Sorry, you are right.

I want a Custom Attribute (Hours) to be used in a calculation (fixed hourly rate) to determine the Budget.

Yes, this may be possible but it would require code customizations. If you’re familiar with PHP please try the hivepress/v1/forms/request_submit filter hook, this way you can filter and change the form parameters. You can find some samples here Search · user:hivepress hivepress/v1/forms · GitHub

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