Make the form filter global

The Filter Form block is currently restricted to use only on Listings page. It would be a great feature to use on other pages. The block should be available for all pages where listings are displayed.
Is this a feature that would be possible?

Thanks, we’ll consider making this block global, currently it’s template-specific. Please describe the use case for this, the filters form is secondary to the main search bar - do you want to use it as a standalone form or you’re trying to build a custom Listings page?

I am building a custom listing page. The search bar doesn’t restrict address to those in the listings so a lot of no results occur. With the map in the sidebar it is so much easier to see locations of actual listings.
I have 2 categories to show for separate pages for the listings. Only able to use the map for one of those. The other does not have the map available because it is not the listings page.
We do not want both categories on one page, they are separate products we offer.

Please try overriding the Listings template in HivePress/Templates section, you can use any blocks available on this page by default, including the map (it shows listings from the current page).