Make the whole site zoomed out

Hi Team,

I currently use Windows to view the Experthive theme.

How would I make the entire site slightly zoomed out? (e.g. by 40%)

I tried to use CSS snippets on stackoverflow but they don’t seem to work with the site

Please kindly advise on how this can be made possible.

Thanks :raised_hands:

This would require CSS tweaks, but the theme layout is responsive, it always fits to the screen width. If you mean reducing the font size, you can try this CSS:

body {font-size:14px}

Hey Ihor,

I was thinking more of zooming out site-wide.

E.g. it currently looks like this:

But I’d like it to be zoomed out like this (as the search bar can be seen in this):

Please try adjusting zoom/scale on the OS level, you can also adjust resolution. If you use a 13-inch notebook with 120% scaling, then this is expected appearance, zooming it out may be possible via CSS customizations but I don’t recommend this because this will affect devices with 100% scaling.

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