Making blog post thumbnails clickable links

Hi - how do I set the thumbnail image for blog posts to be clickable links on the blog feed? At the moment, only the blog post title is a clickable link.

Please let me know if you use some WordPress widget or block to display posts, or if you mean the theme Posts block or the blog page. We make images clickable everywhere, if you use some default WordPress block then overriding it would require code customizations.

Hi - turns out I was using a WP default block instead of the built-in theme blog feed.

The WP default allowed for a grid view of the blog posts, and it doesn’t appear I can do this with the theme’s posts block (is that correct?)

I should also ask if there’s any way to make the blog post text justified. I tried using:


But it doesn’t change anything (even though using “right” or “center” does actually change the alignment.

Sorry, I can’t suggest custom CSS snippets for the WordPress block, but you can check its CSS classes via the web inspector or add the !important keyword to enforce the style. Some of our premium themes have the Posts block added by HivePress, e.g. ExpertHive.

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