Making global attributes not optional

I noticed that first name, second name, image etc are optional on the vendors. How can i make them not optional.

If you purchased ExpertHive, please add the valid license key in the forum profile settings. We noticed that you refunded the purchase (via creating a dispute, although we delivered the downloadable product and there were no refund requests), in this case we are unable to provide further support Awesome Screenshot

There is a big mistake here. I was expecting a payment from expresshive to be shown on the PayPal recept instead it showed i had no idea what it was as the amount was 105 dollars which was totally different from the amount i bought it for. However, after realising the payment was for expresshive, i told PayPal to drop the claim and they did. So you have been paid or please reinstate my license

I did not create a dispute as i explained or ask for a refund. Like i explained, I was taken aback by payment but then i understood. Please rectify asap. Best Regards

Sorry for the invonvenience, but Paddle already processed a refund caused by the PayPal dispute, we can’t revert this refund and charge you again on our side. All purchases include “HivePress” in the transaction description so these can be recognized, the final amount is different because of the tax (VAT), Paddle shows it on checkout before the payment (in this case the tax was
16.02 USD, if you have a valid VAT ID you can enter it to remove the tax on checkout). If you still need updates and support for this theme, you can consider re-purchasing it.

Hope this helps.

Hello ihor

Are you sure they refunded me? Because they said they are not refunding as i dropped the claim after realising. To be honest, i never paid attention when buying the theme as i was in a hurry.

Ok now that i am licensed can you give me some help with this?


I see. Please use this PHP snippet How to add custom code snippets - HivePress Help Center :

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Thank you :slight_smile:

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