Making use of the font awesome integration

I can’t help but notice that you have left out the font awesome v5 brands from Hivepress, and this is causing a headache for me. If the reason is to monetize the Social Links plugin, one could simply install the font awesome plugin and get access to the icons that way.

Anyway, I have bought all the extentions, and I’d rather not bloath my site with unnecessary plugins when Hivepress already brings it to the table. So my question is this: How can I readd/enable these icons for my site? I’ve tryed editing hivepress\includes\configs\icons.php in a childtheme, without any success.

Also, a side question - I saw a post in the summer that you had plans to update to v6 of FA. Any eta?


We avoided bloating the core plugin with extra font sets, it’s not for monetization (e.g. Social Links use SVGs instead of the font, to load only the icons that are being used). You can load custom icon fonts and/or replace the default loaded icon set with this plugin Font Awesome – WordPress plugin | or custom code (if you use a child theme for customizations).

Never mind - If i cannot enable it I’ll add it through a childtheme. Is there a way to disable/remove hivepress from loading FA? Or alternate the path to where hivepress loads the resources from (instead loaded from my childtheme)

It’s conflicting with my added icons

Yes, you can unset any HivePress styles via hivepress/v1/styles filter hook.

Great. I solved it with this snippet:

	function( $styles ) {
		unset( $styles['fontawesome'] );
		unset( $styles['fontawesome_solid'] );

		return $styles;
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