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I don’t think to understand the Manual Payout process :

When stripe connect is activated, it sends sellers back to stripe to receive money on their space.

But when manual payment is enabled, how can the seller receive the money? He doesn’t register his bank or other information. So when the administrator grants the payment, where does the money go?

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With manual payouts, you can use any payment method of your choice and ask for details for it to process payout requests manually, depending on your schedule.

Please note that “Payout methods” are just custom labels that help freelancers to understand the required payout credentials, so when you use for example “PayPal” as your method - users have to provide you with their PayPal email when requesting a payout (e.g., via request payout form)
So you have to make each payout manually and only after making a payment mark payout as “published”
If you didn’t send any money and just changed the payout status from pending to published - a user won’t receive any money (because you didn’t actually send anything, you just changed the payout status).

Also, please check these tutorials:

Thank you for these explanations

That’s exactly what I did, just after seing process payouts video just above. Indeed it seemed strange to me that I could send money to a seller who did not fill in any reception medium.

How to make these payouts before the payout changing status ? Did I miss a doc tutorial on this ?

For example, if you use the PayPal method:

  1. Users add their PayPal email in the form.
  2. You make payments on the PayPal site.
  3. Come back to your site and mark the request as paid in the payouts section.
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Hi andrii, thank you for your reply

That’s the point, even if I choose a credit card or paypal method payment, vendor doesn’t have a way to enter any paypal email or else in the form…

How to configurate it properly ? I’m sorry for the classic issue but I don’t find it.

Am I right ? : vendor can make payouts on their Paypal or Stripe Account only.

Thank you

If you have manual payment there are no restrictions, you can add any method, not only PayPal or Stripe. If you add multiple methods, it will be a dropdown menu.
Also, please check this tutorial - Charging a Commission on Each Sale [TaskHive Course - 8/11] - YouTube


Thank you andrii,

I start to understand the process :slight_smile:

So if I choose a manual Payout, I have to make each payouts manually and then change the payout status. To know where to send the money, I have to create a vendor attributes for PayPal or else method email field.

I did a thing at the beggining :
I bought a Service from a test account (0,5$). The money is sent to the vendor balance, no problem. I made a payout request from the vendor account. I changed the status of the payment thinking that this is how I would send the money. So the money disappeared from the seller’s balance, but where did it go since I didn’t really send it?

What’s the difference with the direct payment ? Do the money is sent directly after a payout request ?

I ask much I’m sorry but the payout process is not acquired for me but pretty important :smiley: I want to really understand the whole functioning


With direct payouts, only the commission fee is paid. The rest can be paid in person or directly, depending on how users and vendors communicate. With direct mode, you basically get rid of payouts.

If you use “Manual Payouts” the whole process looks like this:

  1. You create payout methods in the WP Dashboard > Payouts > Methods (you can create anything here, e.g., PayPal, Payoneer, Wise etc). It’s just a label.

  2. When a user requests a payout, they can choose the payout methods in the “Request Payout form”. For example, if they choose PayPal, they can write down their PayPal email in the “Details field”, if they choose Wise - they can add their card number in the “Details” field and so on.

  3. After receiving a payout request, you (admin) take a look at the chosen “payout method”. For example, if a user chooses “PayPal” and leaves their email address in the “Details” field - you know that this email should be used for sending money via PayPal.

  4. You go to the PayPal website and send money to a freelancer (using the given email).

  5. Only after making a payment on the PayPal website, go to the WP Dashboard > Payouts section and change the status to “Published”.

Please note, that you should send money first and only after that change the payout status.

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