Manual vendor approval

Hello. I was wondering how I can enable the option to let the admin manually approve vendor before he/she can post a listing?

You can put the option to moderate the listing and even if they add a listing, it will remain pending until you approve the listing.

Yes, if you require at least 1 listing from users in order to become vendors then approving their first listing is the same as approving their vendor profile, this is the easiest way.

No I want to know how can I manually approve a vendor signup? I know about the listings, need to know about vendor

There is the regular user sign up and there is a vendor sign up.

Users automatically become a vendor after getting a listing approved.

Second option is to have a separate vendor sign up page. If someone signs up and you do not approve of, you can just delete the vendor or downgrade them back to user (from contributor to subscriber), in the backend under Users tab.

@anum.ikram10 @ihor @aqmiami7 I have a similar situation because I have the
"allow direct registration" configurated.

My goal is to allow vendors to register faster and create a profile without listings yet, but the intention was not necessarily that the profile was already visible.

But right now I also cant moderate the profile because after it is completed it will be already on the platform.

I’m just trying to understand. What practical reason would you not want to display the vendor ? Especially after they registered?

You can hide the vendor’s if needed via code snippet if you wanted to also.

Hi @aqmiami7

People may use a profile picture that is offensive or contains nude.

If the profile is without approval, and the vendor used an offensive picture, it may stay on the front page of your website for many hours untill someone sees it.

People may try to create profiles using famous people image and name. In my case that is a real case because I have an expert marketplace of public speakers.

Maybe also a new vendor never creates a list, but keep receiving messages using a fake profile, or add some fake contact dettails on description. If many vendors are added on the same day, some profile may stay under the radar.

Or people may use their profile pictures that are only there to describe a product, or add a lot of links to some spam content.

Maybe you think people wouldnt do things like that, but at least here where I live unfortunately they do.

Hi, sorry I didn’t think about that. It makes sense. And yes here in Miami there is also fraud, spam, and trolls :rofl: I guess that is common almost everywhere.

I think as a temporary solution you would need a code snippet (don’t know if it is possible for vendor’s page) like this to start:

	function( $form ) {
		$form['fields']['images']['_moderated'] = true;

		return $form;

This code moderates any changes for listing’s photos, and the word images I believe can be changed to description as well to moderate that. I thought about the same thing you did about spam, fake photos, etc., but only for listings, because I have my vendors not displayed right now. But I am glad you brought it up for me to consider.

Unfortunately I do not know about coding. I believe all you would have to do is change the listing_update part in the code and put the name of the vendor’s registration page (not sure which one it is). Maybe hivepress support team can help with this.

You can also moderate messages in the setting section and add key words to block.

But keep in mind the vendor can create a legit looking profile at first. You approve it, and then they can alter all the images, description, etc. after the fact. That is why I think moderation of any changes is probably better solution.

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thank you @aqmiami7 I have moderation for messages for this reason, people may send a lot of spam or links with virus for example.

I had a case before where someone wanted to sell website creation to the members of my website. The person then created a profile and started sending messages to each one of them selling website and digital marketing services.

Depending on the type of marketplace that you have, some people will see it as a niche market and opportunity to sell their products to other vendors.

Will do some tests and update you for solutions. Thank you

Sorry, there’s no option to moderate vendor profiles directly (without listings) yet, but we plan to add moderation for vendors. In the current version, if you require at least 1 listings from vendors this can be done simultaneously by approving/rejecting their first listing.

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