Mapbox language change

So I read the forum and I see that we cannot use mapbox custom styles yet,

is there another way to change the display mapbox language?

I am worried Im stuck with English.

Please let me know.


It is possible to change the language, but there is no option for this, it requires a custom implementation. I recommend that you check out this doc Change your map’s label language | Help | Mapbox

​I hope this is helpful to you.

Mapbox requires that you create a custom styles map to change the language.

¿Are you suggesting to install their plugin and handle it manually? from loading a map and handling another map display implementation different from the Geolocation API option.

I didn’t follow the extent of “custom implementation“ part you mentioned.

Please clarify.

Thank you for such a fast response.


No, you can set up and work through the API using our extension, but language change and further customization is not available in our Geolocation extension, you need to research MapBox documentation in more detail and add some customization (e.g. PHP or CSS snippets), or in some cases you need to customize the integration.

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