Mapbox styles

So I tried to get my uniqe style from mapbox used on my site.

I created a style in mapbox like this and copied the link to my style:

I then replaced the link in the geolocation extension code. In the JS common and common.min-files, like this:

But it did not work. I still se the same style on my maps. What am I missing?
(I did not post this in features, but it would be relly nice to have an optional input in the settings → geolocation under countries, with an option to fill in the link to a style).


Thanks for the feedback; we will consider adding options for map styles. Unfortunately, we can’t advise you on styling MapBox maps; you need to review the API in detail and style it based on that information. Also, we recommend adding PHP and CSS snippets using this doc How to add custom code snippets - HivePress Help Center, because all the changes you made to the screenshot will be automatically overwritten after the update on our side.

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