Marketplace 1.3.2

  • Added flat commission fee
    It’s now possible to set a fixed commission instead or in addition to the percentage one.
  • Fix the order notes styling
    Now it’s the same for both buyers and sellers.
  • Fix review and message restrictions
    Previously these were applied to all listings, even in categories excluded from Marketplace.
  • Fix payouts visibility with Stripe Connect
    The Payouts menu is now hidden when Stripe Connect is enabled to avoid confusion.
  • Fixed order status for downloadable listings
    The order status is switched to completed automatically since it doesn’t require delivery.

My god.

Is it christmas yet ?

Was waiting for :

Added flat commission fee
Fix the order notes styling
Fix review and message restrictions

For this one : Fixed order status for downloadable listings

It seems not working. I updated product on woocommerce.

Capture d’écran 2022-09-07 à 22.32.40

The order is still pending.

Thanks for your help, maybe I missed a step.

Great job anyway !



Thanks! We’ll re-test this again and release a fix.

Hello, i’m coming back to you guys about the automatic completion of order when set up as dowloadable product.

this is still not working. Any news about it please ?

thanks for all the great job !

Cordially, Zak.

Yes, it’s still in the bug tracker but for some reason we can’t reproduce it, maybe there’s a specific payment gateway we should check?

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