Marketplace 1.3.3

  • Added commissions and earnings to the order table
    Now each order displays the commission rate and fee, along with the vendor earnings.
  • Added country selection for Stripe Connect
    Vendors can choose a country before proceeding with the Stripe Connect registration.
  • Added direct payments option
    Now if the Direct payout system is selected, customers pay the commission only and the rest can be paid in person or directly, then payouts are not required at all.
  • Fixed order details visibility
    The payment method is now hidden from vendors in the order table for security reasons.
  • Fixed vendor dashboard visibility
    Previously it was displayed even if the vendor didn’t complete the listing process.

Hi Ihor,
Can you please explain the Direct Payments in more detail. How to implement it.

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It basically means “no payouts”, if you enable it then users pay the commission fee only. It also adds a new Direct Payment row to the orders table with the amount that should be paid directly (e.g. if you list offline services users can pay in person, or users can communicate with vendors to ask their PayPal email and pay directly). This way you can charge the commission fees only and avoid dealing with payouts.

If you decide to enable this please note that it may affect previous orders (incorrect Earnings amounts may be displayed for the old orders but the overall account balances will not be affected). It’s better to choose the payout system before going live.


Hello Ihor,

Thank you for this update.

1st question : If vendors have a Stripe connected on my website, how does the payment will work ?

Imagine the order cost 50 Dollars including 5 dollars of commissions. 5 dollars will go on my stripe account and 45 on the stripe account of the vendor isn’t it ?

2nd question : If I choose direct payments. Is there anyway to make sure the customer honor the payment ?

Thanks in advance for replies.

Hi ihor,
I see the commission rating displaying in the Vendor’s order detail now. But it might be better to display the commission amount and flowed by (commission rate).
Can we have commission amount and rate displayed on the our backend WooCommerce order detail, so the company know how much the company makes for each order?


In the Stripe Connect is used then all the initial payments are sent to the main Stripe Connect account and held there until the order is marked as Completed, this triggers an automatic payout from the main account to the Stripe sub-account (it’s created by vendors on registration). You’d have to top up the main Stripe Connect account so there’s enough funds for payouts, or maybe set Stripe as a payment gateway for accepting payments in WooCommerce/Settings/Payments.

In case of direct payments, unfortunately there’s no way to control this unless the vendor will refuse to start working on the order until they get a direct payment or pre-payment (by settling this via messages), or if these are offline services like apartment bookings - in this case customers will pay the commission only and the rest in cash during check-in.

Yes, we plan to make this improvement and display the commission like this:

$123 (10% + $1)

But vendors already see how much exactly they earn from each order - we added a new Earnings row to the order table so it displays the profit amount.

I see the commission is listed in the order. Is there a to block the buyer from seeing this commission rate??

Please submit a new bug report describing the steps to reproduce this issue (e.g. if you use a separate customer/vendor account, where you view the order, is it an email or specific page, etc) Bug Reports - HivePress Community

Yes, I will do so!

Do we have access to the message in case of dispute ? Because we can imagine scam to happen.

Yes, we recently added the monitoring feature, if you enable it in settings then the site admins can view all the conversations in Account/Messages.

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