Marketplace 1.3.6

  • Added option for adding custom checkout questions
    Now sellers can add custom fields to require specific order details.
  • Added option for full and partial refunds
    It’s now possible to restrict refunds to full ones only, instead of full and partial.
  • Added notice about WooCommerce installation
    If WooCommerce is disabled, the extension shows a notice requiring it.
  • Added filter hooks for Stripe Connect API requests
    Now it’s possible to override any Stripe API request without editing files directly.
  • Fixed price calculation with direct payments
    When direct payments were enabled, the calculation on the listing page was broken.

Hi now we can therefore have the details of the prices in the reservation (at all stages of the payment): base price, service charge, tax, deposit? if so where do we add the custom fields please?

Sorry, it’s not available yet because this was a Marketplace update, the booking confirmation page is implemented by the Bookings extension so the improvement you described will be added to one of the upcoming Bookings updates.

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